Welcome to the CobMaker Software (CMS) web site. Our main mission is to provide easy-to-use COBOL application tools and support services for software developers and end users. We do this by building our platform-independent tools equally on UNIX, Linux and Windows. CMS has been offering COBOL solutions to IT professionals and companies in different European countries since 1990.


Making COBOL Development Easier

Our core product CobMaker is a complete COBOL development environment for business applications. CobMaker separates the coding of COBOL program sources and the designing of objects. Complex low-level handling of screens and reports are hidden, leaving more time for the developers to focus on the business logic. CobMaker supports the ACUCOBOL compiler and the Open Source compilers OpenCOBOL and COBOL-IT. The built-in editor compiles COBOL sources with one keystroke. Discover how easy your COBOL development can benefit from CobMaker.


Making COBOL Execution Easier

APEX is our end-user product, offering an easy-to-use interface between the client and the installed COBOL application. Besides to the launching of programs, APEX contains basic features like company profiles, user and group accounts, secrecy functions, activity logging, application report spooler and multi-language processing. Included are also advanced functions like system administrator messages, SQL-like database queries and COBOL process manager. Discover how easy your COBOL execution can benefit from APEX.


Supporting Open Source COBOL

CobMaker Software has recognized the benefits of Open Source software, and has therefore adapted its COBOL products to the COBOL compilers OpenCOBOL and COBOL-IT. Because our tools themselves are written in COBOL, this interface also means full compatibility on source and runtime level. Our COBOL solution, supporting Open Source COBOL, is a service-oriented and cost-saving business model for COBOL-based applications.


Latest Product Releases

2013  April     CobMaker/APEX V6.0 rc2      AcuCobol-GT
2013  April     CobMaker/APEX V6.0 rc1      COBOL-IT Standard
2013  April     CobMaker/APEX V6.0 beta    OpenCOBOL 1.1
2009  March   CobMaker/APEX V5.3 final    AcuCobol-GT
2006  July      CobMaker/APEX V5.2 final    AcuCobol-GT
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