APEX - Cobol Runtime Supervisor

APEX is a very powerful multi-user runtime environment which controls the operation of COBOL applications. APEX is especially adapted to the AcuCobol-GT runtime, and is available for UNIX, Linux and Windows Server. Product versions compatible with OpenCOBOL and COBOL-IT are in preparation and will be soon available.

APEX is used to build up an interface between the users and the installed application. A ready-defined APEX structure results in menus displaying programs and functions that may be selected for execution.


System Features

Essential system features of APEX include:

  • Company definition supporting the grouping of data files for specified companies, but executing the application by means of common programs.
  • Basic configuration and COBOL runtime properties of the application on company-level.
  • Powerful log-in procedure giving the user his properties and authorization, as defined in the APEX user account.
  • Group definition for users sharing the same properties.
  • Secrecy functions protecting companies, menus, programs and APEX tools against unauthorized processing.
  • Application menus displaying submenus and programs for execution, with an easy-to-use menu structure editor.
  • Alternative launching of programs by means of shortcut symbols, list of favorites and last used programs.
  • Background spooling and printing of reports produced by APEX and the COBOL application, with an interface to the spooler of the host system.
  • Front-end spool manager allowing the searching, viewing and printing of spool files, and changing their properties.
  • Assignment of default printers for companies, groups, users, computers and specific report programs.
  • COBOL process manager presenting ongoing application activities and APEX sessions in different views.
  • Idle processes are terminated automatically after a user-defined inactivity period (time-out).
  • Manual killing of processes without damaging application data files (soft-kill).
  • Mail system presenting system and application messages related to certain system events.
  • Preparation of ad-hoc messages to all or specified users, interrupting their screen processing with a message box.
  • Logging of all system activities, from log-in to log-out, with functions for viewing/printing the logged data.
  • File editor for editing, searching and viewing of records.
  • File retrieval function based on simple SQL syntax, in order to search, view and print records in data files.
  • Programmer's interface extending the functionality of APEX and the COBOL application.
  • Easy-to-use system administration to configure APEX with common functions for printing, viewing and searching of companies, users, groups, printers, menus and messages.
  • Multi-language processing on company- and user-level, supporting 1 native and up to 8 foreign languages.
  • APEX and application execution in both character-based and GUI mode.
  • Multiple instances of APEX running simultaneously, with support for up to 9 sessions per user.
  • Easy interface to different AcuCobol utilities.

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System Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft WIndows XP/Vista, Windows 7/8.
Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008.
Any UNIX/Linux platform for which AcuCobol-GT is available.
UNIX enterprise servers: AIX, Solaris.
Linux enterprise servers: SUSE, Red Hat, Oracle.
Linux clients: Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE.

Cobol Runtime

AcuCobol-GT runtime 5.2 or higher (8.x/9.x recommended).
OpenCOBOL 1.1 (beta interface available).
COBOL-IT Standard 2.6.4/2.8.8 (rc interface available).

Additional Software

CobMaker - COBOL workbench for developers.
PuTTY - Most used terminal emulator.


Product Licensing

All CobMaker Software products are distributed as evaluation versions. After purchasing a license the evaluation version can be unlocked to a full version. The products are licensed for use on one single computer/server, based on the purchased number of concurrent connections.

Please contact info@cobmaker.com for details and prices.


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