Initial Product Support

All CobMaker Software products are distributed as free 30-day evaluation versions with core functionality. After purchasing a license the evaluation version can be unlocked to a full version. CobMaker Software provides free technical support 30 days for purchased products. Support is available in English, German or Swedish by e-mail.


Extended Product Support

If you purchase a long-term product support agreement you are entitled to:

  • Unlimited technical support by e-mail
  • Ability to upgrade to newer versions at a lower cost
  • Ability to purchase additional services
  • Ability to purchase user-defined product extensions

Please contact info@cobmaker.com for details and prices.


Frequently Asked Questions

The CobMaker Software products are designed to be easy to use and understand. However, some questions may anyhow come up for CobMaker beginners. Our FAQ page is the best place to get an answer, with most technical questions already answered. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please send us a tech support mail.


Starter Application

CobMaker is extremely powerful and is designed for efficient, trouble-free and rapid COBOL development. Its easy-to-use features help developers to build complex and usable business applications. However, CobMaker is at the same time a rather technical workbench, containing a lot of programming facilities. Without training it will be difficult to make use of the complete functionality of CobMaker.

The sample project, delivered with CobMaker, is a good starting point before designing and developing own applications. Though a small project, the starter application contains typical COBOL programs, screens, reports and windows. Enclosed are also data dictionaries, application menus, message texts and help texts. The included COBOL sources, objects and data files are named according to standard rules.


Other Resources

The following lists additional places to look for support related to COBOL vendor software:

CobMaker/APEX - compatible with AcuCobol-GT

CobMaker/APEX - compatible with COBOL-IT

CobMaker/APEX - compatible with OpenCOBOL
opencobol.org       source-forge.net/projects/open-cobol


Look here first

Many of our support questions can be answered from our FAQ pages. Please check first our FAQs before sending us a tech support question.












All evaluation products include a "Getting Started" manual with  the basic information needed to start using the software. For licensed products, a two-book set is included : The Operating Guide and a Reference Manual, giving detailed information how to install and use the software package.