CobMaker Software (CMS) specializes in innovative solutions for all things related to COBOL development and COBOL deployment. CMS has nearly 20 years experience in migration of legacy COBOL applications and in modernizing of existing COBOL applications. Our company is located in Wildeshausen, Germany.


COBOL Migration

CMS was originally founded to provide powerful software tools for the migration process of legacy business applications to the UNIX platform. Our CobTrans product, running in the old environment, was specifically designed to transfer program sources, data files and application objects to the new COBOL environment based on Micro Focus COBOL.

After initial migration projects in Germany, Netherlands, UK and Portugal, CMS has since 1995, in co-operation with Scandinavian IT partners, converted enterprise COBOL applications of leading  companies from mid-range platforms to different UNIX platforms and Windows Server. Many migration customers have recognized the benefits of our COBOL technology solutions and have later on upgraded to newer product versions with more features.



Since we needed a screen manager and a report writer for some early migration projects, we developed these tools to make our work easier. In order to support some important features in the old environment, we added a data dictionary, a pre-compiler, a source-writer and some application-based functions resulting in the new workbench CobMaker.

For application end-users we developed the APEX supervisor, an easy-to-use platform-independent COBOL runtime environment. For developers we made the object-oriented code editor CobEdit with COBOL knowledge and interfaces to CobMaker.

CMS initially developed its tools based on Micro Focus COBOL. As Acucorp introduced the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler, with its portable object code and feature-rich extensions, CMS adapted its COBOL products to this new technology. Because all our tools themselves are written in COBOL, the conversion to ACUCOBOL-GT made our products portable to all UNIX platforms and Windows Server.

With the advent of Acucorp's extend family of solutions, we then added more features to utilize the powerful functionality of the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime. We have ported CobMaker and APEX to Linux, partly for our own internal development, but primarily to support customers with enterprise servers based on Linux.

Lately we have adapted CobMaker and APEX to the Open Source COBOL compilers OpenCOBOL and COBOL-IT. This development is not finished yet, but will result in a new product suite with an optional long-term support agreement. 


COBOL Development

Besides to our tools we have also developed a number of COBOL applications for different business lines and different operating environments, all of them based on our CobMaker product suite. The feedback from our customers and the experience from our own application projects help us to improve our COBOL products.






"Who says developing a COBOL application has to be difficult?  Everyone who's tried CobMaker is surprised how easy it can be. We are developers ourselves, and initially created these tools to make our own work easier."



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"The CobMaker product suite covers extensive functionality, portability and usability, that allows IT teams to improve the value of business applications based on COBOL."